I wrote OKRs to track my personal goals for Q1. But I still haven’t found the cure for Cancer.

So when the year started I said I was done with resolutions and annual goals. Instead, I started an experiment and set out to having OKRs instead for the first quarter of the year, as a response to the learnings I’ve gotten from my failed resolutions and annual goals of years past.

Now it’s April and it’s time to take a look at how that little experiment went.

Reviewing Q1 Results First

Objective 1. Find Financial Freedom and Stability

  1. KR1.1 Personal savings are up by 50%

I did this! More than that, I am quite happy that I’ve finally gotten back into the habit of setting aside money for my emergency fund even before I do anything else.

2. KR2.2 Income outside of work salary > 0

Well… While I did not earn any income, I did spend a lot of time trying to figure out how I want to earn this income. And I’ve also had a couple of ideas that I’ve been able to try out.

3. KR2.3 Investment started is > 1

Well… So I didn’t start any investment at all in the last 3 months, but I did start doing my research. Of course I still have 10M questions: Like where/how should I start? Mutual Funds? ETFs? Through my bank? Or is there a more open option online that doesn’t tie me to any bank that requires full-time residency? Because what if I move?! Halp?

Objective 2. Fully immersed and integrated to life in Barcelona

  1. KR2.1 Contacted/Viewed 5 apartments for shortlisting

I did this! But… When I started the year, I was fully convinced that I wanted to move apartments. So I actually went apartment hunting and visited a few candidates. But there was always something wrong or missing. And the apartment that made my heart skip a beat never showed up. Then it got warmer, and I had a chat with my landlord about the upcoming end of my lease and how much I should expect for my rent to go up (nearly nothing, was the answer). So now — the urgency and desperation to move apartments aren’t as intense anymore as it was earlier this year.

Also relating to my “saving more” objective, I had to prioritize. Do I want to figure out my finances first or do I want a reading nook?

2. KR2.2 Done at least 5 work stand-ups in Spanish

Uhm… So I didn’t get to do this at all. Not even once. The anxiety, the embarrassment, the utter lack of confidence still keeps me from spitting out even one complete sentence in Spanish. Although, strangely enough, I only feel this complete lack of spine in front of people I know — especially in front of my team. In front of strangers, my Spanish is awesome (at least my Spanish teacher and I both think so). But we will try again.

3. KR2.3 Go to at least 1 non-work related social activity (***with people not from current social circle***)

Well…uhm… so… let’s just leave this at that. I also don’t think this will be carried on to the next quarter.

Does hanging out with friends from back home who come to visit count?

Objective 3. Be a well-rounded person with a healthy mind, body, spirit

  1. KR3.1 Complete reading 5 books

Almost. 3 out of 5. I have so many unfinished books though. Which is not good either.

2. KR3.2 Publish 6 blog posts

Yas! I published my first blog post in years that got more than 3 reactions! I think the last time that happened was more than 10 years ago and I was still writing in Livejournal about my unrequited feelings for some dude. Lol. I wrote so much this quarter, I even started a Medium series in Spanish! Hah. And I had so much fun.

3. KR3.3 Average at least 70,000 steps a week by end of Q1

I tried. Taking the taxi to work on some mornings (because I was running late…again) did not help at all. Add to that the horrible weather we were having. Oh the excuses are plenty!

4. KR3.4 5 acts of good karma (***subjective***)

What? I have no idea what this is even all about now.

5. KR3.5 Lose 3 kilos

Yas! At least the last time I checked (which was 3 weeks ago). Still not my overall weight goal, but 3 kilos less than my Christmas weight is definitely a reason to celebrate — with cake. :)

While I don’t think I’m a better human being after the 1st quarter of this year, nor would I be getting any medals or awards anytime soon either — I did learn some things and that’s always an ok alternative to ridding the world of poverty or racism, isn’t it?

  1. OKRs for quarterly goals are great! They really are. It kept me focused and made me hyper-aware of what my real priorities are. Apparently my top 3 priorities are (1) to become financially comfortable, (2) to have an activity that promotes self improvement while at the same time provides value to others and (3) to be a healthy and strong individual (note that I didn’t say have a flat stomach in time for bikini season!)
  2. Be clear with the key results. What does “5 acts of good karma” even mean? It should be measurable, and it should be a result. Not a task that’s disguised as a result just by adding a number to it. Publish 6 posts is a task. Reach 1000 views for a story in Medium is a result.
  3. Making this public made me accountable. Because I made the entire world (or at least the 5 people who read the original post) aware of what I was trying to do, because boyfriend asks all the time about how I was doing with my personal goals, I didn’t want to get to the end of the quarter with 0 accomplishments. Pride, for once, was helpful.
  4. Be realistic. I tried to do many things in Q1. Too many unrelated things. Hence a lot of failed key results. Prioritize and cut things by half, and make real achievements instead of just half completed ones.
  5. I feel like there should be a 5th learning because round numbers feel like there’s closure. But I don’t have a 5th learning so I’m just rambling here to make it feel like I do.
Getting some tips from my peeps

New set of OKRs for Q2

So now it’s Q2 (middle of it, actually). Am I doing this again? Hell yeah. Not just because I’m a sucker for lists and measurable goals. But also, it feels good to have goals that are mine alone and not related to work.

Objective 1. I am comfortable and flexible financially

  • KR1.1 Personal savings are up by 50%
  • KR1.2 Supplementary income outside of work is up by 100%

Objective 2. I produce public content that is useful and valuable to my audience

I’m not gonna lie, this objective made me laugh out loud. But I do like publishing my shit online, so might as well publish shit that adds value to the people who read them, right? Maybe I can save the world from poverty and racism — there is hope.

  • KR2.1 Grow my average number of story views by 20%
  • KR2.2 Grow the number of followers for my “even normal looking people who can’t wear a bikini can travel too” Instagram account by 100% (follow me at @indayexplorer)
  • KR2.3 Publish 10 new posts in my Spanish series on Medium (I still have to put a Spanish related key result in here somewhere. This KR is still a bit task-y. Any ideas how to make it better?)
At least my Spanish is good enough to help me eat tacos correctly

Objective 3. I am healthy and strong (well… I hope)

  • KR3.1 Lose 3 more kilos
  • KR3.2 Average 8h of sleep every day

Here goes nothing again! It’s already May. So let’s see what I can get done by end of June.

What about you? How are you keeping track of your goals?

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